My Friend Cayla isn’t your friend

The My Friend Cayla Doll is an interactive toy that connects to an app via bluetooth which then connects to the internet. This internet connection makes Cayla another thing in the Internet of Things (IoT), but there are growing concerns about the ease of hacking (watch this YouTube clip) the Cayla doll and spying on children.

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Are your things disabling the internet around the world?

If you have a smart tv chances are it is connected to the internet, but what if it was also connected to thousands of other devices with internet connectivity working to disconnect you from the internet?  Continue Reading

Transformer… of writing in a public space

Blogging is a requirement of my communications and media degree and it was something that was asked of me from my first session at UOW. In the beginning, it felt like a chore to have to sit down every week going over the lecture materials and coming up with my own blog post ideas, but now I am more comfortable and finding fresh ideas for posts is a lot easier. My writing has helped develop my blog’s style, my writing style and tone and further my understanding of the content I am learning. In terms of research, my blog has deepened in the quality of links to related information and more clear and expressive content with refined ideas. Blogging is an aspect of the degree I’ve learned to love and looking back on my site from the last two years I can see development in my posts and the transformation of my writing in a public space.

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Regulating Peppa Pig

Media regulation is crucial in ensuring the government does not have total control over any type of media available in a country. Regulation is usually undertaken by an independent company; having a neutral third party helps safeguard the diversity of the media and guarantee governments cannot take advantage and manipulate exactly what is accessible to consumers. Although in some countries the government does regulate the media to control social unrest and in more recent cases to manage threats of terror. Continue Reading

Social media isn’t the revolution, it’s the tool

Kony 2012, it was the social media driven revolution that failed to get traction. Cover The Night, was supposed to wrap cities in red to promote awareness and lead to capturing warlord, Joseph Kony. But slacktivism was the downfall of the protests because people wanted to have an effect without actually doing anything.

But what happens in protests where social media is used as a tool to mobilise people?

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